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Congratulations, Governor!

WGU was built by states, for states.

Our university only exists because a group of state leaders came together to find a solution to their education and workforce development issues. Now, we’re asking the next generation of policymakers to once again step forward to support learners in their states.

We are excited to work with you to create pathways to opportunity for students across your state. With policy recommendations and real-life examples from fellow states, the WGU State Policy Playbook serves as a guide to help you better understand and serve your working learners.

Our Director of Public Policy, Rosie Connor, explains it best. Take a look:

By engaging with WGU, you’re not just supporting adult learners; you're supporting economic development and workforce opportunities for your entire state. And now, it is easier than ever.

Download the WGU State Policy Playbook to start investing in your students–and your state–today. Read Playbook

Discover how other states are doing it.

Through public-private partnerships with states, we are able to have an even greater impact on our students. WGU State Affiliates create opportunities for thousands of citizens who could not otherwise afford a degree by opening up access to state grant funding. In doing so, they are ensuring that graduates–and their dollars–stay in their state.