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On our blog, we share stories of impact from WGU students and alumni, plus updates on how we’re redrawing the education landscape.


Tom’s Story

March 3, 2023
Without a guide, students can feel lost and confused on the winding pathway to their…

National Nursing Shortage

February 17, 2023
Even before COVID-19, statisticians predicted that there would not be enough trained nurses to meet…

A Tradition of Breaking Traditions

February 17, 2023
The mortarboard sits precariously on his head as he makes his way to the stage.…

The Nineties to Now: The History of WGU

February 17, 2023
The 1990s was an era of innovation: Sony unveiled the PlayStation. The Nokia 1011 became…

Grace’s Story

February 17, 2023
Grace Carpenter graduated high school with a dream of one day becoming a teacher. But…

Eliminating Barriers and Building Bridges

February 27, 2023
The internet has connected us and changed our lives in ways we never could have…

Mindy’s Story

February 21, 2023
In many ways, Mindy Barham was WGU’s perfect potential student: a 40-year-old stay-at-home mother of…

Breaking Down Financial Barriers

February 23, 2023
At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, WGU student Yolanda was an essential worker with…

Rai’s Story

February 23, 2023
A growing number of U.S. hospitals are requiring their nurses to hold a bachelor’s degree…

Affordability and Value in Higher Education

February 23, 2023
The traditional financial model of higher education is broken. College affordability is one of the…