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Southeast Region

WGU is designed to complement and supplement state systems and bring innovative, flexible, and attainable educational opportunities to individuals who historically have not been well served by higher education. Access to state need based financial aid programs will advance postsecondary opportunities and lead to better jobs and better lives for individuals and meet state workforce needs. But far too many states deny students equitable access to state financial aid (grant-in-aid). The map below details average employment, salary and financial aid status for WGU students and graduates in each state.

Grant-aid available.

No aid available.


Grant-in-Aid Available for WGU Students:


Current WGU Students:




WGU Grad Employment Rate:


Average WGU Bachelor Degree Salary:


Government Relations:

Emma Shelby

Data from WGU Institutional Research (2020), WGU Student Services (2020), & the College Board (2020).

Emma Shelby

Director of Government Relations—Southeast Region
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina

Emma Shelby is Western Governors University’s Director of External Affairs in the Southeast, where she advances the University’s mission of expanding access to higher education to underserved populations through state governments. Prior to joining WGU, she represented the University as a consultant in North Carolina, where she specialized in advising education groups and non-profits. She entered the world of state legislatures through the North Carolina House of Representatives, where she worked on education and appropriations issues for chairmen from rural districts. Emma spent 14 years of her childhood in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, where she learned from an early age that talent is universal, but opportunity is not. She is passionate about the value of international experiences; she received her B.A. in International Relations from North Carolina State University, and serves on the board of Go Global NC, a non-profit that facilitates global engagement. Outside of work, Emma can usually be found cooking new dishes, hiking the mountains with her husband, or reading spy novels.

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