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Congratulations, Governor!

Congratulations again on your recent win! As you settle into your new role, we want to make sure you know who we are because we’re here to help your state and students.

Western Governors University is building the most student-centric university in the world. Our department of External Affairs is cultivating relationships with state officials and organizations that are focused on creating an educated workforce in today’s most in-demand careers.

If you’d like to learn more about how your state or organization can be on the leading edge of developing tomorrow’s leaders, click the link below.

Contact WGU External Affairs

Founded by governors, we are the largest nonprofit university in the U.S. We lead education and workforce innovation across the country. We want to help your state achieve its workforce goals.

WGU in Your State

WGU is designed to complement and supplement state systems and bring innovative, flexible, and attainable educational opportunities to individuals who historically have not been well served by higher education. Access to state need based financial aid programs will advance postsecondary opportunities and lead to better jobs and better lives for individuals and meet state workforce needs. But far too many states deny students equitable access to state financial aid (grant-in-aid). The map below details average employment, salary and financial aid status for WGU students and graduates in each state.

Grant aid available.
No aid available.

*Data from WGU Institutional Research (2020), WGU Student Services (2020), & the College Board (2020).

Competency-Based Education

Competency-based Education (CBE) is a revolutionary education model that provides flexibility in the way credits can be earned or awarded, and provide students with personalized learning opportunities. By enabling students to master skills at their own pace, competency-based learning systems help to save both time and money. Learn more about CBE in this video.